New website made possible by the generosity of donors

thank you drone.jpg

On Wednesday evening, the new version of went live. As I wrote in my appeal to readers and drone journalists, this was part of a larger strategy to improve the free services here at

Thanks to the generosity of two donors, Ryan Hamlet and Andrew Leibenguth, I was able to put our organization on a new server and greatly improve the layout and navigability of our site.

Hamlet currently is working on numerous UAV research and development projects in Melbourne, Australia, including projects in agriculture, construction, film and consumer-level applications. As part of I-Drone, he is developing an introductory course into drone aviation, and is working with RMIT University on drone applications, including art and designs projects and 3D cinematography, and potentially drone journalism applications.

Leibenguth is a professional photographer and writer for a newspaper in Tamaqua, Penn., who seeks to use aerial cameras for news reporting.

Both are new members to PSDJ at More information about our funding goals and how to give are posted here.

Posted on August 23, 2013 .