Flooding in south western Britain captured by low-flying drone


At least 275 flood alerts have been issued in southern England, Wales, and the Midlands, according to The Telegraph.

These record-setting storms have wrought havoc on the area, bringing with them 70 mph wind gusts and 35-foot waves. Some areas have been underwater since late December, and at least one village is cut off from the rest of the countryside.

Responding to this event was Telegraph visual journalist and innovations specialist Lewis Whyld, who interviewed longtime residents of Somerset, and provided low-flying aerial video of the devastation.

Frequently the drone is referred to as a low-cost replacement for a news helicopter, but really these small unmanned aerial systems can accomplish so much more.

Whyld's video, for example, demonstrates how a drone can carry a camera just meters (or centimeters) from the water, follow vehicles as they meander through high waters, or inspect damaged vehicles and wreckage up close. With a skilled operator and the correct equipment, the drone's perspective is as dramatic as it is informative.

Below is the video he produced for The Telegraph, which also published a story on Whyld's work in Somerset.

This isn't the first time Whyld has retrieved stunning aerial shots of flooding in the UK. Last year, Whyld posted aerial video on his personal Vimeo account, which he shot using a drone he designed and built himself.

Posted on February 2, 2014 .