PSDJ to provide update on evolving field of drone journalism at DC conference

It seems like every week, developments in unmanned aircraft systems come about that could impact journalists, news organizations, and independent operators worldwide. Just a few recent examples include Canada relaxing its regulations for UAS under two kilograms, and DJI unveiling its latest prosumer drone.

In organizing its conference to bring subfields in the UAS community together, IQPC reached out to the Professional Society of Drone Journalists to provide updates on drone journalism. I'll be joining Matthew Dickinson, a system administrator and instructor at the University of Missouri , for the panel "Journalism Industry Update: UAS Changing the Face of the Traditional Newsroom to Increase Engagement."

As the title suggests, we'll be providing updates on this growing and evolving field, but also will be getting into the technical details of what makes this all possible, and how we see that technology affecting the relationship between newsmakers and citizens.

Dickinson was an important contributor to Missouri's drone journalism project, and will speak about problem-solving and drone development experiences in that initiative. He continues to develop drone technology at the university's IT Program's Drone Lab.

Just before our talk/panel at 4:45 pm Tuesday, Gregory McNeal, professor of law and public policy at Pepperdine University School of Law, will speak on "Securing UAS Innovation for the Long Term."

Tuesday's keynote will provide an update on the Federal Aviation Administration's UAS integration efforts, with James Williams, Manager of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Office, speaking.

Registration for the IQPC "UAS Commercialization" conference remains open at

Posted on November 16, 2014 .