Team documents construction of Latin America's largest skyscraper from above

In September, when 10,000 teachers rallied against education reforms in Mexico City, the dronesSkycam team took to the sky to get an unparalleled view of an unprecedented protest.

More recently, the team deployed a drone to document another event with a large footprint: the construction of Latin America's largest tower.

Designed by famed architect C├ęsar Pelli (Petronas Twin Towers, World Financial Center, Carnegie Hall Tower), the Torre Mitikah tower will be 267 meters tall when completed in late 2015.

Grupo Reforma, Mexico's largest print media company, contracted dronesSkycam to document the massive construction project from above.

The aerial view is nice, but what I think really makes the video pop is the inclusion of video from the ground. Aerial video can be impressive, but when interspersed with footage from ground-based cameras, the perspective seems even more "real."

The dronesSkycam team, who are members of the Professional Society of Drone Journalists, used a Team Black Sheep Discovery platform, SimonK electronic speed controllers, a DJI Naza flight controller and GoPro cameras for this project.

Below is a rough English translation of the video.


Between 2013 and 2015 the city of Mexico will build at least 50 office towers and luxury residences, adding 1,270,000 square meters to the housing market.

To imagine these concrete and metal giants at the moment is a little hard for pedestrians who every day pass by excavation fences and construction machinery.

But what is behind these impregnable walls to the curious eye? Using a drone, Grupa Reforma flew over the city and was able to document some of these megaprojects with a bird's eye view over the previous weeks present the relevant data on them as well as the urban impact they represent.

We are next to the Churubusco river, rising higher than 100 meters above the site of a tower which will be the tallest building in Mexico and Latin America.

To perform the excavation, about 39 thousand truck trips were necessary, which went on for 10 months of work to give rise to six levels of underground parking with 6,900 parking spaces. The land disposed was almost equivalent to completely fill Aztec stadium.

This is the view of the skyscraper at 267 meters.

The project designed by Argentine architect Cesar Pelli consists of 60 floors, with 41 levels intended for residences.

This unique helix-shaped structure is coated with video screens and will have 36 unique stores and a commercial area.

This fantastical tower will be part of this progressive mixed-use building complex to house seven buildings, five for residential use, and others for offices for the San Angel hospital, already in operation.

56,446 square meters will be offered as services, as "shin bet fitness club" and others will be expected to increase the vehicular traffic that could affect prices of nearby properties.

Miquel Bosch institute's director of real estate managers calculated that prices will fall between 20 and 30 percent, as long as the area's traffic is not streamlined.

Total development is expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

Posted on January 1, 2014 .