Journalists, developers, and students from three countries join

Aerial photo of the El Ángel de la Independencia statue in Mexico City, by dronesSkycam.

Aerial photo of the El Ángel de la Independencia statue in Mexico City, by dronesSkycam.

Our family, the Professional Society of Drone Journalists at, just keeps growing. We're just a few people shy of 80 members. I'm very happy to announce we have nine new members since the last update, hailing from three different countries:

  • Kevin Finisterre is a drone developer with experience on a wide array of platforms, who co-founded, an online community where people share information regarding the safe development and operation of drones.

  • John Davidson is a St. Louis-based attorney who blogs on law issues regarding drones and UAVs at

  • Robert Morris was the first RQ-7 Raven platoon leader in Afghanistan, and a former Deloitte consultant on unmanned systems. He's currently the CEO of TerrAvion, a drone applications company. He's also the author of the blog, and a contributor.

  • Derek Waatti is an aerial photographer, and owner of the aerial photography service Iflyphotos.

  • Omar Thabet is a journalism student at Michigan State University.

  • Seung Geun Park is a ZUMA Press photographer based in Korea and Japan, and a former Korea branch vice news director for the Eastern News Network. Park is afflilated with the Drone Journalism Lab at Pukyong National University, where she is studying drone journalism and photojournalism for a PhD. Park has a bachelor of arts from Dong-Myoung University, and a master of photography from the Graduate School of Multimedia at Kyoung-Sung University.

  • Erik Stiem is syudying environmental journalism at Michigan State University.

  • Gerardo Bazan is the fonder of dronesSkycam in Mexico City, a service that provides aerial photography and film services using UAVs. Bazan's business was approached by the largest newspaper in Mexico to produce the country's first news coverage using a drone. Bazan is interested to learn, expand the existing knowledge network, exchange experiences and follow common rules and best practices in this new industry.

  • Lachlan Murdoch MacNiel is the director of engineering for ABC in Washington DC.


Photo by Iflyphotos.

Photo by Iflyphotos.

Posted on September 19, 2013 .