Drone brings aerial perspective to Mexico City protests

Following a controversial overhaul of the education system in Mexico, more than 10,000 teachers camped in protest at Mexico City's Zocalo Square. Clashes with police ensued.

Gerardo Bazan, a drone photographer and pilot with Mexico-based drones SkyCam covered the camps from the sky. The footage was captured for Grupo Reforma,  the largest print media company in the country.

Bazan, who is the first DroneJournalism.org member from Mexico, wrote in an email to DroneJournalism.org that he believes it is the first ever use of drones for a journalistic purpose in Mexico. 

Drones SkyCam also has posted aerial videos of el Angel de la Independencia, and flew its quadrotor drone, Discovery, above the fifth largest stadium in the world (Estadio Azteca).


Posted on September 30, 2013 .