Quadrotor saved from Lady Justice


Everyone can now relax. The multirotor lodged in the statue atop the Marion County Courthouse in Ohio has been freed.

For little over a week, video producer Terry Cline had been trying to retrieve his DJI Phantom quadrotor from the clutches of the Lady Justice statute atop the courthouse. While piloting his aircraft for a pro bono project to promote the the town, the quadrotor drifted into the statue.

According to the Marion Star, a pair of local contractors were able to snag the drone with an extension pole.

County Commissioners were unsympathetic to Cline's plight, and declined to dispatch resources. The local paper reported getting letters "from coast to coast" with ideas for freeing the small aircraft.

The paper reports that except for some slight rotor damage, the drone is quite functional. The Marion Star has posted on-board video of the aircraft wandering into the statue.

Posted on May 7, 2013 .