News crew with drone upsets a swarm of bees, gets stung


A news crew dabbling in drone journalism in West Palm Beach, Fla., got an unexpected surprise when they were attacked by a swarm of bees.

The news crew, from CBS affiliate WPEC, was attempting to cover the demolition of a shopping mall with a small drone, when bees descended and began stinging the drone and crew aggressively:

"It all started when CBS12 News operations manager Carl Pugliese launched a drone camera to get an aerial shot of a backhoe taking the old Sears apart," WPEC's Scott Smith wrote. "Pugliese said the drone began having trouble flying, but he wasn't sure why. At the same time, he says a "strange bug" kept pestering him, getting in his hair and buzzing him. Meanwhile, Pugliese was able to maneuver the drone closer so he could see what was wrong with it. Bad move."

From the video and the description WPEC provided, it appears the crew was using an off-the-shelf A.R. Drone by the company Parrot. The drone sells for about $300, is operated by iPad or smartphone, and can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Brookstone, or a number of other stores.

CBS12 noted numerous bee stingers were embedded in the drone during the attack. There's no obvious sign from the video of what provoked the bees to attack.

Entomologists will note that that drones, as in bee drones, can't actually sting.

Posted on January 23, 2013 .