New Aerial Footage from Las Vegas Drone Journalist

Sweeping shots of Sloan Canyon, and a fly-through of the festively-lit Blaven Drive neighborhood are among the newest video submissions by Las Vegas drone journalist Ted Pretty.

Pretty is a meteorologist with a Las Vegas Fox affiliate who we've been documenting here on He uses a DJI F550 equipped with a NAZA GPS system, along with a GoPro 2 HD camera.

Pretty has been using his drone to obtain weather video for the last week, when it isn't too windy. As seems the case with a lot of drone journalists, he's looking at using his drone to obtain aerial footage for real estate and architectural videos.

The DJI F550 system has proved useful for getting aerial shot such as these, but Pretty sees a need in the near future to upgrade to a system with a stabilized camera gimbal.

Posted on November 30, 2012 .