Neighbor's house on fire? Quick, grab the quadrotor!

Photo by Gino D'Ovattio.

Photo by Gino D'Ovattio.

Talk about spot news. This video came to me by way of, a community by and for amateur drone pilots. 

A short time before 4:30am, a fire broke out near Hamilton, NJ resident Gino D'Ovattio. With fire crews swarming one of his neighbor's house, D'Ovattio grabbed his quadrotor, a DJI Phantom, and took flight.

There wasn't enough juice left in the batteries for an extended flight, but the pilot was able to record about a minute and 30 seconds of aerial video.

According to his comments on YouTube, D'Ovattio attempted to recharge his aircraft and return to the scene, but was shooed away by emergency responders. 

The fire was under control within 30 minutes, with two minor injuries reported, according to The Press of Atlantic City. Police in Hamilton Township said the fire originated from an outdoor grill.

Watch D'Ovattio's video below: 


Posted on August 22, 2013 .