Drone experts from Australia, Finland, France and the US join

Photo from Ryan Hamlet's i-drone enterprise.

Photo from Ryan Hamlet's i-drone enterprise.

I'm very pleased to announce six new members to PSDJ at DroneJournalism.org, who come from a variety of backgrounds and countries.

Among the newest members is a veteran reporter for the Ouest-France newspaper, a UAV developer and operator from Melborne, and a faculty member of Karelia University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

Also joining are two drone journalists, from Pennsylvania and Missouri. An Emmy-Award winning video producer from the University of Tennessee, who will launch the university's first drone journalism in the fall, also has joined.

New members are as follows:


  • Ryan Hamlet currently is working on assorted research and development projects in Melbourne, Australia, which look into new applications of UAV technology. Regarding journalism, he is mostly focused on UAV introduction into higher education journalism courses, as an elective course in the final year. He also is deploying projects in agriculture, art and design, construction, film and consumer-level applications.

  • Jykri Kurki is a lecturer at the Karelia University of Applied Sciences. He is a 58-year old long-term media educator, now working as a teacher of video production. Over the past 30 years, he also has taught digital cinematography, 3D CGI, and more. He is interested in drones and uses an octocopter manufactured by Visionfly in France. He also built a small MultiWii-based quadcopter for practice. He has worked in films, TV shows, music videos, and more.

  • Andrew Leibenguth is a professional photographer, who also is a writer for his town's local newspaper. During his tenure, he has uploaded nearly a half-million photos to the TamaquaAera.com community website. He currently is pricing afforadble aerial cameras for news use.

  • Caleb Scott is a pre-journalism student who has been working to discover the best ways to create quality video and photographs from the air, while still considering safety and professionalism. He is teamed with two others to provide responsible drone journalism in Kansas City, Missouri, with an enterprise called Bird's Eye Media. He also is associated with the photography group KC Chronicles. He will be attending the University of Missouri at Columbia in spring 2014.

  • Mesgouez Dominique is a French journalist with the Ouest-France, a newspaper with more than one million readers. Since early 2013, Dominique has been using a drone to provide content for the paper's website.

  • Mike Wiseman is an Emmy Award winning industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in Film & Television. He also has extensive freelance experience, working with networks such as HGTV, MTV, ABC, SPEED & NBC as well as multiple independent and mainstream films & documentaries.  He has also been recognized for several national & regional awards, including multiple Emmy nominations, a National Award of Excellence from the Public Relations Society of America, several awards & nominations from the American Advertising Federation & was the recipient of the 2009 National Ad Council Silver Bell Award.  Wiseman also strongly believes in giving back to his community, volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee, the Love Kitchen & the United Way of Greater Knoxville throughout the year.  Although born in Monroe, Michigan, Mike is proud to call East Tennessee and the University of Tennessee home. Wiseman started the University's first drone journalism program in fall 2013.