Drone cinematography is creating a new visual style


John Hermann, writing for BuzzFeed, has taken some of the most intriguing videos ever shot by small, unmanned aircraft and has assembled them into one post.

What he stumbles upon is that the swooping, zooming, and drifting capabilities of these aircraft are making for a cinematic experience that was hitherto unobtainable.

"Some of these shots could have been taken with a helicopter, albeit at much greater expense," Hermann writes. "Many, though, are either too close to the ground, taken in tight spaces, or filmed indoors."

Number 7, by Canadian-based firm SkyMotion Video is my favorite on this list. There's even more eye candy on their website, including some skillful deployment during a Canadian NASCAR event, where the UAS is able to trail cars from the track from a couple hundred feed, and still swoop down to follow cars in the pit lanes.

The list is impressive, and it's interesting to note the number of companies and people who have been able to earn the skills to shoot these high-quality videos, well before official UAS integration by the FAA.

Posted on May 14, 2013 .