Pakistan Khyber TV journalist, BBC producer, independent operators join

Jaz cam drone.jpg

With these new additions, our roster at grows to 48 members, and expands to two new countries (Thailand and Pakistan). I'm honored to mention the following new members to this organization:

  • Jeff Zika is the owner and operator of JAZCAM Aerial Photography, providing custom-built multirotor and fixed-wing UAVs for aerial photography, along with mapping and engineering services. JAZCAM is an aerial photography and video business focused on the coverage of offshore marine events, especially sailing regattas, in southeast Asia. It also operates a multirotor film unit to provide contract news coverage for several television stations in Thailand.
  • William Baucom is an FAA-certified commercial pilot and logistics specialist with expertise in radio-controlled aircraft, photography and video.
  • Hanif Rehman is a television news journalist for Khyber TV, at various times serving as bureau chief, assistant controller of news, and program anchor. He’s covered military operations in Swat, and targeted killing in Karachi, the Red Mosque military operation Lal Masjid, and the assassination of Pakistan former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Rehman also is a documentarian, having made several films in Afghanistan, France, Italy, Switzerland and elsewhere. He studied International Relations and Busineisss Administration at Karachi University, and began working at Khyber in 2005
  • Thomas Hannen works for BBC Global News as Senior Innovation Producer. He is part of an ongoing project to learn, build, fly, and film with three different unmanned aerial systems. This project also is seeking BNUC-S qualification from the UK Civil Aviation Authority, hoping to begin aerial filming with multi-rotor aircraft in August, 2013.

As always, there is no registration fee for I operate this website on donations at the moment. And like the vocation of journalism itself, all that is required is an interest and drive in the pursuit of using unmanned aircraft in journalism. You will receive a newsletter in your email inbox as part of your membership.

Above is an image of a multirotor operated by JAZCAM. Below is aerial video of a boat race, provided by the service:
Posted on July 9, 2013 .