CNN deploys drone to cover typhoon Haiyan devastation

cnn haiyan drone.jpg

Typhoon Haiyan, which may be one of the strongest tropical storms ever to make landfall, has killed more than 3,900 and displaced millions of survivors in the Philippines.

The situation is dire. Hospitals are running out of supplies and personnel to keep infants alive. Aid is available, but difficulties persist in reaching affected areas. The World Health Organization has dispatched resources to combat disease outbreaks.

Meanwhile, to report on the extent of the natural catastrophe, CNN has deployed a small aerial camera to the scene.

The BBC recently announced it had developed its own hexacopter "flying camera," which serves as a convenient replacement for a variety of complicated and expensive camera rigs, including dollies, jibs, Steadicams, and of course, news helicopters.

It's unclear from the video what kind of drone CNN actually used, or whether it owns the drone or hired a contractor for Haiyan coverage. Nevertheless, the technology is effective in capturing the magnitude of the disaster.