New developers from Brazil, UK, US join

Photo from  ECODRONES .

Photo from ECODRONES.

I'm very happy to announce we are up to 83 members at, the home of the Professional Society of Drone Journalists. The latest members have a wealth of experience in technology, drone development, and the arts:

  • Karen Smetana has an interest in tech, startups, software, and UAV journalism. More information about Smetana’s work can be found at
  • Josh Nacol has worked in the cyber security industry for nearly 20 years, and built a company of 50 security consultants. This company, Defense Point Security, recently began addressing cyber security concerns of autonomous systems. Additionally, Nacol is a hobbyist involved with electronics, autopilot systems, and sense-and-avoid technologies. He is an AUVSI participant member and a contributor.
  • Dale Bolton is as a journalist and press card holder in the UK, who several years ago began to explore the potential for drone VTOL aircraft to be used in journalism to get the video/picture scoops that often pass up by. Having been a strong RC hobbyist for 40 years, he established, which provides custom, hi-spec drones that can be deployed quickly by photo and video journalists. He may be reached at
  • David Byrnes has experience in general aviation, and in the last two years I has been working with UAV for filmmaking. He is in the process of starting a commercial filming company, which he plans to launch at the end of 2014.
  • Marcelo Gomes is part of ECODRONES, a small Brazilian startup with a focus on providing air services making use of drones (or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - UAVs) to meet the growing demand for drone services worldwide. ECODRONES is staffed by enthusiasts, researchers, technicians, engineers and developers of automated robotic systems. We support the use of global innovations in DRONES, to offer the best of this technology can bring to customers.
Posted on October 20, 2013 .