Australian authorities warn about flying drones near wildfires

In response to a YouTube video of a drone flying above firefighters, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia is cautioning against would-be drone pilots from engaging in unsafe activities.

"Flying an unapproved remotely piloted aircraft near firefighting aircraft, firefighters and firefighting vehicles is dangerous," said John McCormick, CASA's director of safety, in a press release.

According to the ABC report, CASA said a drone pilot breached Australia's air regulations and risked a midair collision with emergency responders. 

Fires have raged in the state of New South Wales, south of Sydney, since Oct. 17, consuming more than 200 homes. On Thursday, a plane helping the firefighting effort crashed into a national park, killing the pilot, according to a Reuters report.

On Monday, a group called CiviDrones posted aerial video of the wildfires on YouTube, in which a drone flies through burnt-out buildings, and over the heads of firefighters.

 Thanks to PSDJ member Mark Corcoran, who is an ABC senior reporter and producer, for sending this news tip.