Giving to (PSDJ) 

Ever since I started this website, in late 2011, has been a labor of love. Like journalism itself, it has been a vocation -- in Latin, a calling. You don't need a degree or pedigree to do it. You simply need the passion to pursue the dream.

This is distinct from a career, which is what you do to pay the bills. That is not to say that I, along with many members of, wouldn't like to make drone journalism a career as well.

Because I realize a calling doesn't always yield monetary compensation, I don't charge registration fees to join The only thing required to join is a stake in the field, and a pledge to follow our code of ethics. I'm proud to say that we now have 47 members across the globe who now have a shared vision.

Passion and vision will get you far. I'd like to think it's gotten pretty far. But that will only go so far, before the bills need to be paid.

So far I've been supporting this website through my own paycheck. Our community needs more. Our vocation needs more. So I've placed a PayPal on the front page (and this post) as an appeal to our audience.

Priorities for donation money are:

  1. I'd like to get us a clean, attractive, easy-to-navigate website hosted by Squarespace or similar service. (accomplished 8/2013)
  2. A "real" drone journalism ethics wiki, which would allow much more democratic process to defining the ethical boundaries of our vocation.
  3. Hire legal assistance to make a real 501(c) organization.
  4. Just plain "keeping the lights on" at

I'd appreciate your input as well as I begin taking donations. If you have any suggestions of how to use donation funds to improve your experience here at, please drop me a line at

Thank you for reading.