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Established in 2011, PSJD is the first international organization dedicated to establishing the ethical, educational and technological framework for the emerging field of drone journalism. We develop small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) for journalists, and explore best practices to deploy them for a variety of reporting needs, including investigative, disaster, weather, sports, and environmental journalism.

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What it's like to go through drone school in the UK

If you want to fly in the UK for commercial purposes, you'll need to pass a CAA-certified ground school. A UK-based aerial photography company details the process.

Canada's UAS regulations give more latitude to journalists, but some restrictions apply

New rules significantly reduces the paperwork and time required to fly commercially in Canada. Especially important are more relaxed rules for sub 2-kilogram UAS, which makes it substantially easier for drone journalists to respond to "spot news."

PSDJ to provide update on evolving field of drone journalism at DC conference

The panel "Journalism Industry Update: UAS Changing the Face of the Traditional Newsroom to Increase Engagement" will provide updates on the growing and evolving field of drone journalism, along with technical details of what makes it all possible.

Drone journalists stand to benefit from proposed RPAS regulations in Australia

The future of drone journalism in Australia looks promising, as regulators consider relaxing the rules for sub-two-kilogram RPAS.

Flight restrictions were targeted to keep media from covering Ferguson protests

St. Louis County Police claimed its flight restriction was necessary to protect its police helicopters, but recorded telephone conversations obtained by the Associated Press show a coordinated effort to block out news helicopters.

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